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About Me

Welcome to the Metaphysical Art Theater; you’re told, “There is you can whatsoever” is the art of ordering your conversations aright for desired change.

Lindell a former student of Neville Goddard, will be sharing with you some powerful principles around Neville’s teachings. In this 4-set series you will discover that everything begins in the theater of your mind and that you are always creating in your imagination. He shares that your thought always precedes your evidence. You can literally choose what you will think daily and transform your world from the inside out. He gives insights into how to mentally live from the end of your intentions. He explains the power of assuming that you already have what you desire. You will gain insights into whatever has your attention, has your life. You will discover that all things are possible when you live in the power of your imagination.

These talks are a simple message for a life of desired change. “Change your mind, change your world” is our theme. Someone shared this wonderful idea with me. I used the idea and it worked time after time for achieving desired results. I shared the idea with others and they also discovered that they could not fail. You can put off pursuing an idea, a desired result seemingly forever. However, in the true sense, you can never fail. Please allow me to share this simple message with you: You must realize that your outer world of facts and effects are aligned with your inner world of thoughts and feelings. Consciousness is always being objectified. Everything in your world is yourself being pushed out. The imagination is forever creating reality in this The Drama Man for every child born of woman.

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