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Metaphysical Art Theater 4 CD Set Digital Download


“There is you can whatsoever” is the art of ordering your conversations aright for desired change.

Welcome to our talks, my name is Lindell. These talks are a greater celebration of life as desired change. “There is you can whatsoever” is a sweeping call to action to every child born of woman. “Change your mind change your world” is our theme. “Be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind.” Everyone wishes things were better but, most say they do not have the stomach to fight anymore. Well take heart the good news is the battle is not yours. I heard it said, “Let the weak man say I am strong.” Know that you have a valid say. One shared with me a wonderful idea. I used this idea and it worked time after time for the achieving of desired results. In this 4-set CD series, I shared this idea with others and together we made the discovery that you cannot fail. You can put off pursuing an ideal, a desired result seemingly forever but, you cannot fail in the true sense. Please allow me to share this idea with you: You must realize that your outer world of facts and effects are aligned with your inner world of thinking and feeling because consciousness is always being objectified. Everything in our world is consciousness objectified. Imagining creates the real in this The Drama Man for every child born of woman.